The Journey behind The State of Paragon

My thesis question is “How might we utilize language outside its traditional context to open up a dialogue about authority in the region?”. My aims and objectives were to identify Arab’s Hypocrisy; we have seen a culture of shame spreading in our society. It enforces various constraints and creates unnecessary social and mental burdens as well as social and mental conflicts as well as a cultural authority. 

It was a challenge to conceptualize such a dense topic and having to use design creatively. So therefore I decided to create a fictional world as it is a language and a tool that could help very creatively to convey my messages. 

World’s Statement

Around 2042, protesting has caused a worldwide crisis, resulting in people destroying old artifacts because they believed in the magnificence of the new supported by the totalitarian republic. The totalitarian republic has limited access to protesting tools such as social media and released an initiative to unite its people by focusing on the positive through demolishing and eliminating the past. In 2072, a group of people discovered a deserted underground press that has the oldest evidence of protesting in the 21st century. Discovering the hidden truth of the past, the group comes pushing against silencing and erasing the past by reviving an underground press of the future as the reminder of hope. 

The State of Paragon

Rising from the ashes

The state of Paragon and its motto is “Rising from the ashes”. I have devoted my time to working on the logic of symbolism that lives in this world. The Colors of the flag represents Hope, Growth, and Authority. Moreover, the phoenix is a mythological bird and known to emerge from its own ashes. Thus, It symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and immortality.

Every dystopia starts with someone believing they know “what laws would make a utopian society”? Hitler believes that he would create a utopian society for the german people starting with the Nuremberg race laws. Mao believed that he would create a utopian Chinese society by “the great leap forward”. The moral of the story is if anyone promises a utopian society through some sort of social engineering then they are actually promising you the exact opposite, therefore comes the resistance.

Rules of the constitution of
the state of Paragon

We the Authority of the state of Paragon, believe in the magnificence of the new. Therefore to form a perfect Union, establish Justice, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves. We restart with the new permanent Constitution for the state of Paragon.

1.Every family will be provided with a residence, resources permitting.

2.Everyone will receive free healthcare, education, and insurance.

3.There shall be no crime or violence in society.

4.No citizen is allowed to kill another citizen.

5.Every citizen must conform to uniform expectations. Individuality and dissent are bad.

6.All citizens must farm the land and preserve the environment.

7.All citizens have to work to contribute to society. 

8.Work will be divided into skills.

9.The wealth is divided among citizens equally or according to individual needs.

10.Freedom is granted, not expected. 

11.Anything that contains matters which must be kept secret for national security or public safety will be censored.

12.Any rule-breaking or subversion must be reported and is harshly punished.

13.All citizens must submit a surveillance chip.

14.You must have permission from a member of high authority to have a child.